Backup Services

Use our ITAnyWhere Vault solution, a secure, easy-to-use cloud backup service to protect your important data. It offers a comprehensive suite of affordable services for data protection and recovery. A perfect solution for those focused on protecting key information, but flexible on business continuity.

Key Features:

  • Individual file and folder back-up of your server
  • Create a system state backup or whole system image to restore original Windows Server configuration or rebuild entire system from ground up to new or existing hardware.
  • Backup MS SQL Server databases
  • Backup MS Exchange
  • Strong local encryption protects your data from unauthorized access with up AES-256 even before it is transmitted to the cloud. Any data sent to the cloud is automatically encrypted.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Go beyond just a cloud backup, and make sure your business has little to no downtime. Our disaster recovery solution provides an appliance onsite for quick and easy recovery, along with a cloud backup in case of a disaster. A key solution for those focused on continuous uptime, regardless if a server goes down or a natural disaster occurs.

Key Features:

  • Protect any physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • If your business experiences a server failure, the protected systems can be virtualized instantly on the local backup appliance or in the cloud to keep business operations running.
  • Extend beyond the onsite appliance, and backup your critical information to the cloud to provide a seamless business continuity and disaster recovery solution that works locally or in the cloud.
  • Backups are stored in a secure location and scanned to ensure no ransomware is present. If you fall victim to ransomware, you can simply ‘turn back the clock’ to a snapshot before the attack happened.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Backup & Recovery

It’s a common misconception among SaaS/cloud users that doing back-ups isn’t necessary for their data because it exists in the cloud. From human error to phishing emails or malware can cause data loss. SaaS/cloud providers protect your data from hardware failure, software failure, natural disaster, and power outages. StratusPointIT can help protect your data from human error.

Key Features:

  • For Microsoft 365, protect your OneDrive, Contacts, Calendar, Mail, and SharePoint Online data that goes beyond Microsoft 365’s native recovery capabilities and retention period.
  • For Google Workspace, protect your Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Drives (including Team).
  • Automated backups once a day that capture point-in-time snapshots of each users’ relevant app data, with the option to perform additional backups at any time.
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Detailed activity log with all administrator and user action records.
  • Your data is secure, easily recoverable, and protected. SOC 2 Type II audited, supports HIPAA and GDPR compliance needs, data encryption both at rest and in transit.
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